13Al+ gave the first preview to a work-in-progress collection of items made from aluminium by five Icelandic designers, Sigga Heimis, Thóra Birna, Snaebjörn Stéfansson, Gardar Eyjólfsson and Katrin Olina during Stockholm Design Week.
If you missed it, don’t worry – the project travels to Reykjavik for DesignMarch 14-17.3.2013 next!

A pan-Nordic, cross-disciplinary project, 13Al+ brings together Icelandic designers and Swedish aluminium manufacturing companies to study the possibilities of aluminium produced in Iceland.

Iceland produces over 800 000 tons of aluminium annually, with smelters running solely on hydropower. Most of the raw material is exported, with little to no production of aluminum or know-how of its treatment in Iceland.

13Al+ invited 5 Icelandic designers to gain knowhow on aluminium in Möbelriket and Design Region Småland, Sweden, then to translate the knowledge into tangible products in cooperation with Icelandic and Swedish manufactures.

The project explores the possibilities of aluminium as a material for Icelandic designers and promotes Nordic exchange of skills and expertise.

Katrín Ólina and Gardar Eyjólfsson present the first renderings of Vikings, a new series of decorative figurines that offer a playful vision of the Viking icon.


Sigga Heimis introduced three items that study different aspects of aluminium. The Cube is a foldable yet resistant stool, The Rolling Pin is a beautiful, sculptural take on the everyday kitchen utensil and The Weights a humorous set of dumbbells that are lighter than seem.




Snæbjörn Stefánsson combines aluminium and Icelandic larch in his bench for outdoors use and the shelf with its fittings cast in handmade clay moulds.





Þóra Birna Björnsdóttir pairs sand-cast aluminium with fish skin in her delicate MARE nesting tables.


13Al+ is run by Swedish Aluminium, with partners Iceland Design Centre and Norwegian Design Council, and is supported by Nordic Innovation, and with kind support by Samál, The Federation of Icelandic Industries, The Swedish Embassy in Reykjavik, STENA Aluminium, SWECAST, Bäckadalsgymnasiet in Jönköping, DS Smith Pacaging, Värnamo Community, Design Region Småland, Möbelriket and SAPA Group.




Product images by Eric Wolf 

Landscapes by Glamour Etcetera