If you happen to be in Stockholm at the moment, this is a treat for everyone. A beautifully curated exhibition set in spectacular architecture and nestled amongst it all you might just spot some clean and playful design too. Iceland’s very own Sigga Heimis had pieces in almost every section of the space and it was a delight to see the work in this context.

Sigga with her en-cased hearts

Peering through into another world.

There’s a much longer post on this tremendous exhibition coming up, (I’m aware, this is becoming a common phrase! – if we can only find a way to sleep less, and blog more.) but for now you at least have a flavour, or teaser perhaps. Hopefully we’ll also have guest appearances from Sigga on her experiences of the design week and fellow exhibitor Fraser Ross giving us his impression on the emergence of a new Scottish Design scene, as parallel to some of the opportunities and challenges that might be shared by Icelandic design.