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Monthly archive February, 2011

design candy

A week has now past since Design Week here in Stockholm, life has returned back to normal, designers have gone back to work and Stockholmsmässan is probably a vast empty space again. I wanted to wait a while before writing this, mostly because it’s incredibly difficult in such a vast… Read more

Follow us to Iceland!

Tonight is all about Iceland, after the busy day of talks at Designboost Icelandic design is hosting it’s own reception, the room is full of a fairly international and mixed crowd there are drinks flowing, freshly prepared nibbling and the promise of dinner in the room just beyond my view!… Read more

To Stockholm on Tuesday with a flying saucer, back home by plane tonight!

After 12 years of guilty conscience for having left all these beautiful saucers behind,  the flying saucer vase was proudly presented together with the hoch die tassen cups on the Icelandic exhibition last Tuesday. More variations to be seen at EPAL during the Design March 2011.

20 Designers at Biologiska

If you happen to be in Stockholm at the moment, this is a treat for everyone. A beautifully curated exhibition set in spectacular architecture and nestled amongst it all you might just spot some clean and playful design too. Iceland’s very own Sigga Heimis had pieces in almost every section… Read more

Decomposed and ready for bed

  Amongst the many things that we have learned tonight…we’ve reaffirmed the deep down feeling that food brings people together. It’s makes us sociable, it breaks down those funny rules that we invent but most of all it reminds us that we are all made of the same thing and… Read more

Let the decomposition begin.

We are about to be part of a gigantic ‘composite dinner party’ at Konstfack tonight, this huge table is laden with a colour spectrum of weird and wonderful food stuffs. Guests are just arriving and taking drinks in the adjoining room where the fashion show has just finished but I… Read more

Design is puke!

When you talk about design with strangers, you never know quite what you’re getting into. At a design fair it’s pretty certain that they will at least have an opinion on design, but this is the perfect place to see polar opposite viewpoints of what design is and should be…. Read more

Patience, Humility and Parties.

Well, I had expected that being neither Icelandic or Swedish here I would before too long make a major blunder, what I hadn’t anticipated was that faux pas number one would be with the lovely Icelandic ambassador. Whoops. However, after we’d established that he is of course familiar with Icelandic… Read more

Form | New magazine launched at Stockholm Design Week

Form – the former publication of Svensk Form is merging with Forum magazine – to a new FORM! To be launched at Berns Hotel just about now – with Daniel Golling as editor in chief, followed by Pecha Kucha where icelandic Kurtogpi will be giving a presentation. We got a… Read more

A steady air of anticipation…

Hello, Emma here. You’ll be hearing a fair bit from me over the coming days, and I’ll introduce myself proper, very soon! I promise. I just wanted to grab this wonderfully calm air that surrounds the Icelandic Contemporary Design stand at the moment, a little while before the reception kicks… Read more