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Monthly archive September, 2011

Nordic Fashion Biennale kicks off in Seattle!

Remember we posted about the Nordic Fashion Biennale a while ago? It finally starts today, so if you are Seattle-bound, be sure to check it out! Here is the official site, enjoy! ps. Ps. For more on the matter, check out this, this and this write-up, too!

ATypI Memories | Day 3

Video doesn’t work? Here is the direct link.

ATypI Memories | Day 2

Hi all, Thank you for a great ATypI! Remember this? Video doesn’t work? Here is the direct link.

AtypI | Pick of the Day

Hi all, Here is something interesting for today’s ATypI, Meetei Mayek is the indigenous script of Manipur, a state in the Northeast of India at the border of Myanmar. In the beginning of the 18th century the Bengali script replaced Meetei Mayek due to political and cultural changes and has… Read more

ATypI | Tweet, Tweet!

ATypI is on at Harpa, For the latest and the greatest on the go, hurry up and log on to Twitter!

ATypI – It’s On!

Doesn’t work? Take a look here.

AtypI | Pick of the Day

Organized as part of ATypI today, World Scripts Exhibition: Curator’s Talk takes its attendees on a imaginary voyage to South Asia and Arabia. With this lecture AtypI is drawing our attention to the exotic and ornate fonts of the Indian subcontinent and the Arab world. Today and tomorrow, the Department… Read more

Emilia Borgthor at NeonCon 2011

Emilia Borgthor’s sofa table Sebastopol (Coalesse) was awarded the Golden Award in its category at this year’s NeoCon 2011. Sebastopol’s shape breaks rank from the traditional sofa table size. Multi-purpose, functional and just plain fun, Sebastopol can be used alone or as a group, as a sofa table, side desk… Read more

ATypI | Do You Read Me?

Hi all, Join us at ATypI – starting today – for a font of useful tips on web typography! While an array of typefaces have been made available for web design in recent years, the release of low resolution screens and devices (Iphone, Android phones, Kindle) has multiplied. This raises questions… Read more

ATypI | Last Typographer’s Guide to Reykjavik

Here is where it is at, see you at ATypI! This is the last post in the Typographer’s Guide series, drawn up by the talented Rán Flygenring.