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Monthly archive September, 2011

ATypI | How to Make an Eth?

Hi all, It’s September, are you ready for ATypI?   This year’s conference, held on September 14-18 here in Reykjavik, is themed around the letterform ð (eth, pronounced like “th” in English “Them”).   The origin of ð can be traced back to the 7th century, when Anglo-Saxons begin writing… Read more

ATypI News | W3C WebFonts Working Group to meet at ATypI in Reykjavík

For now, there is no one universally accepted format for web fonts. This may change in Reykjavik this september, as the WebFonts working group of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) will be meeting during ATypI to finalize the development of the conformance test suite and prepare a draft implementation… Read more

ATypI ❘ Typographer’s Guide to Reykjavik Part 14

This year’s ATypI conference will be held here in Reykjavik in September, and while waiting for the fall, ATypI’s ”social media tourist guide”, illustrator Rán Flygenring has been preparing a typographer’s guide to Reykjavik. This week’s issue: Whales – eat’em or watch’em? Enjoy!