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Monthly archive October, 2011

Reserve The Dates | DesignMarch 2012

Miklimeir by Katrin Olina at SPARK Design Space

Katrin Olina‘s exhibition Miklimeir follows in the long tradition of using rugs or carpets to tell stories. For the past 15 years Katrín Olina has developed a rich visual language that builds on research, experimentation and intuitive creative drawing processes that combine the use of technology with the hand drawn…. Read more

Tallinn Memories | Icelandic Contemporary Design

Hi there, How are you all? We’ve been busy! From Frankfurt to Seattle, Beijing to Estonia, Icelandic design is everywhere! Reporting from Tallinn, our Estonian correspondent, the superbly talented textile designer Kärt Ojavee witnessed the events first hand:   Finally autumn, the little monster is here – the most hectic period… Read more

NFB 2011 Looking back to see our Future is on!

The exhibition “Looking back to find our Future”, curated by Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir (aka Shoplifter), opened in the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle last Friday. Below, a few photos taken by the wonderfully talented artist Áslaug Íris Katrín Friðjónsdóttir, who lives and works (with NFB) in Seattle. Stay tuned for more on… Read more

Nordic Fashion Biennale 2011

A few glimpses of the show, Looking back to find our Future, just before it opened last night. 2011 Nordic Fashion Biennale curator, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir (aka Shoplifter) walks by Hildur Yeoman and Saga Sig’s installation. Hildur Yeoman working on her and Saga Sig‘s installation Aftur has a beautiful piece at… Read more