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Monthly archive April, 2012

RVK Looks ❘ Agnes

I’m wearing second hand sweater, shorts and shoes from Sputnik vintage store where I work. The t-shirt is from a music festival in Barcelona. My band played there. Fur, Caterpillar shoes and jeans shorts are popular now in Reykjavik. Guys like old school sweaters. – Agnes     RVK Looks… Read more

DesignMarch 2012 ❘ Incandescent Light Bulb Memorial Project by Kristján Kristjánsson of Lighthouse

For DesignMarch 2012, Lighthouse set up a light installation Incandescent Light Bulb Memorial Project at Toppstödin. As part of the annual Icelandic Design Festival, DesignMarch 2012, I wanted to honor the recently banned incandescent light bulb. This technology has been one of sciences and designs greatest creations, and I am remembering… Read more

Chuck Mack I Principles of Design

1. Be original (no stealing, skimming or spinning) 2. Give it purpose 3. Make it work for it’s purpose 4. Make it last (recycling should be possible) 5. Make it look good. Image Courtesy of Chuck Mack

Taktabrot by Ragnar Freyr

Taktabrot: Veggspjöld, flugumiðar og annað prentefni úr starfi 2000–2012 is a book containing an archive of printed material for from the years 2000 to 2012. It is designed by graphic designer Ragnar Freyr. The book contains more than 100 posters by over 60 local graphic designers, illustrators and artists. A significant fragment of… Read more

RFF ❘ Behind The Scenes

For RFF, Mira and I went to Harpa to catch some impressions backstage before the actual show start. What we found was a bunch of busy and chatting girls getting styled and made up for the show. We could also sneak around and do some pictures of the cloths being… Read more

DesignMarch 2012 | Chuck Mack

During last week’s fantastic DesignMarch I paid a visit to design store Kokka which specializes in kitchen utensils. There, Chuck Mack exhibited some of his amazing wooden Food & Wine accessories. Mr. Mack is an experienced woodworker, carpenter and designer. His beautiful prototyped table set is 15 percent larger than… Read more

DesignMarch 2012 | Fálki og Svanur & The Cod Collection

Visiting Aurum, a jewellery and lifestyle accessories store, is always a good idea, not only at DesignMarch. It simply never fails to enchant with its beautiful and creative designs. For this year’s DesignMarch, the store presented two new jewellery collections, among many other things. The Fálki og Svanur (“Falcon and… Read more