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Monthly archive June, 2013

Goddur at Petra Lilja Gallery

Petra Lilja (of Apokalyps Labotek) recently opened a gallery of her own in Malmö, Sweden. The first exhibition is Posters by the Icelandic graphic designer legend Goddur. Our very own Edda attended the opening, here are a few snapshots from Malmö. Congratulations Petra, til hamingju!     Ps. We covered the… Read more

Björnsbakari by Ydda Architects

Ydda Architects have designed the interiors of the latest branch to the Björnsbakarí bakery, opened in May 2013. The old door handle was found in the storage room. Old stories and photographs of the bakery, opened in 1905, served as inspiration to the interiors. The space is bright  and light with high… Read more

Ceramics for Sharing Food

Hi there, Did you have a good weekend? Here are some interesting upcoming design works by ceramics designers from the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts to kick off your week. During their final term, the students researched the culture of sharing food. As their final project, they designed new party… Read more