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Monthly archive August, 2013

13Al+ Conference

Our 13Al+ Conference took place on Wednesday in Arion Banki, and it went wonderfully – thank you for all the great people that made it possible, takk takk!  Here are a few images and impressions by photographer Hulda Sif.   Petur Blöndal, the newly appointed director of SAMÁL opened the conference…. Read more

The Nordic House by Alvar Aalto

You’ve all been to the Nordic House of Iceland, designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, haven’t you? If not, hurry up! Finnish photographer Mira Mykkänen captured some of the beautiful details designed by Aalto, who designed the buidling, the interiors and most of the furniture in the house. Armchair… Read more

Icelandic Producers 1/4 | Málmsteypan Hella

Iceland’s  limited production capacity shapes the reality of Icelandic designers, and ultimately, the number of Icelandic products available. Yet there is a handful of fantastic companies that produce anything from Icelandic woolen sweaters to pancake pans and high tech prosthetics. Our fantastic intern Florian Lohse took a tour around some… Read more

Reykjavik City Harbour

The Reykjavik downtown harbour area plays an important role in the city’s master plan for 2010-2030. As the harbor storage buildings have emptied, designers and creatives were the first to follow the competitive workspace rents. In just a few years, gaming companies, custom bike shops, coffee houses and galleries have followed. With new… Read more


The beautiful floating cap by Unnur Valdis Kristjánsdóttir was introduced at Sóley Natura Spa, Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura during DesignMarch 2012.   Float is a water therapy product, focusing on a deep and relaxing water experience. The healing properties of water are well known to relieve stress and improve well-being. Float… Read more

Klettur by Rúna Thors and Hildur Steinþórsdóttir

Klettur is an outdoor bench designed by architect Hildur Steinþórsdóttir and product designer Rúna Thors. It is produced by the local concrete factory Steypustöðin.   According to the designers, The aim was to design a bench exploring possibilites of concrete in urban furniture. Utilizing the production possibilities of Fab Lab, a digital… Read more

Maulina Schmitt by Rán Flygenring

Maulina Schmitt – Mein kaputtes Königreich is a new children’s book by Finn-Ole Heinrich, with adorable illustrations by Rán Flygenring. Our super intern Florian chatted with Rán about the project. This is what she said about it: Die erstaunlichen Abenteuer der Maulina Schmitt – Mein kaputtes Königreich (roughly translated as… Read more

As We Grow AW2013/2014

As We Grow is an Icelandic children’s clothing label  run by Gréta Hlöðversdóttir, María Th. Ólafsdóttir and Guðrún Ragna Sigurjónsdóttir. The idea of the label is to make quality clothing that lasts. Non-trend-led and timeless in design, the pieces can be used from child to child and then give to your… Read more

Abandoned Houses in Rural Iceland

Abandoned Houses in rural Iceland is an on-going research project that started in 2011. Run by R3 Radgjöf, Gláma-Kím architects and Stapi, it aims at mapping all abandoned houses on the southeast coast of the country. The research project includes conducting interviews with local inhabitants, research of the history of each… Read more

The Graduates 2013 | Sólveig Gunnarsdóttir

Sólveig Gunnarsdóttir is one of the BA-Architecture graduates 2013 of the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. The task for all BA students was to design a refuge, a cairn on the journey of knowledge and self reflection that serves as a setting for educational camps for school groups during the… Read more