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Monthly archive September, 2013

Friday Candy | Aalto + Aalto

Hi hi, happy Friday! The fantastically talented Finnish design agency Aalto + Aalto has designed the beautiful new Vakka box for Iittala, have you seen it already? We were almost equally impressed by Mr. Aalto’s look in the official PR images – he’s wearing a traditional Icelandic lopapeysa!   Aalto… Read more

Studio visit | Tulipop

Tulipop is a colorful world of characters created by Icelandic illustrator Signý Kolbeinsdóttir. Recently,the inhabitants of the Tulipop island seem to have left their island and spread around the world, as their is home- and kitchenware of Tulipop available in 10 countries right now. Our intern Florian Lohse visited Signý in… Read more

Festival Identity | RIFF

Hi there, how are you all? We are currently amidst the competition process to select our 2014 festival identity for DesignMarch – stay tuned! Meanwhile, we keep an eye on all the other local festivals and their identities, and want to share them with you, too. Reykjavik International Film Festival kicks off… Read more

Chance Encounters – Towards Modernity in Icelandic Design

The Museum of Design and Applied Art’s summer exhibition CHANCE ENCOUNTERS – Towards modernity in Icelandic design focuses on the arrival of modernism in Icelandic domestic interiors from 1930s into the 1980s. The exhibition includes pieces from the collections of the Museum of Design and Applied Art and other Icelandic… Read more

Calendar by Snæfríð & Hildigunnur

  Last DesignMarch, the graphic design duo Snæfríð & Hildigunnur sat down to the same table with Sebastian Wrong of at DesignMatch, our mini fair for designers, buyers and producers held in collaboration with the Nordic House of Iceland. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the outcome: This beautiful calendar… Read more

Q&A with Egill Egilsson of Össur

Össur has gone a long way since Össur Kristinsson started his business followed by an Icelandic workshop for prostheses in 1971. With cutting edge inventions and smart business strategy, the company managed to become one of the few big global players in the field of orthopedic technology. During our recent visit to Össur’s… Read more

Icelandic Design Classic | Hekla Lamp

Hekla lamp was designed by Petur B Luthersson and Jón Ólafsson in 1962. Ólafsson and Luthersson were studying in Copenhagen in 1962, when they heard about a competition to design a lamp. Ólafsson and Luthersson decided immediately to partake. Their idea combined good lighting to flat packaging that allowed  easy… Read more

Iceland producers 2/4 | Burstagerdin

Iceland’s limited production capacity shapes the reality of Icelandic designers, and ultimately, the number of Icelandic products available. But there is a handful of fantastic companies that produce anything from Icelandic woolen sweaters to pancake pans and high tech prosthetics. Our fantastic intern Florian Lohse took a tour around some… Read more