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Monthly archive April, 2014

DesignMarch 2014 | New Lingerie Collection by Mulier

The Clothing Store Eva presented Mulier’s first collection of Icelandic lingerie. Here are Julia’s images from the opening.   Photos by Julia Schygulla  

DesignMarch 2014 Memories

Hey, how are you? The DesignMarch 2014 spread all over Reykjavik last weekend, and we are still recovering! Here are some of the highlights from the festival, we hope you’ll enjoy them! Have you ever seen clothing designers and musicians influencing each other in such a cool way? Muses was a lively… Read more

DesignMarch 2014 | Buildings on Stamps

During DesignMarch, the Icelandic Post Office released its fifth collection of stamps in the series Icelandic Contemporary Design. Dedicated to Icelandic architecture, the stamps are works by designer Örn Smári. Here are Julia’s snapshots from the opening. Photos by Julia Schygulla  

DesignMarch 2014 | Explore. Reflect. Respond.

How can design be used as a tool for regional development? Designing for small communities provided participants with tools to engage in social design within their own communities. Speakers included Daniel Byström, Designers & Forests, DesignNation (SWE), Lára Vilbergsdóttir, MAKE by Þorpið (ICE), Pete Collard, Design Museum (UK), Jason Dilworth and… Read more

DesignMarch 2014 | Doodlery at Gallery Dusted

The Doodlery, with “doodles” by artist Alma Mjöll Ólafsdóttir is like a bakery for drawings where you’ll find all kinds of delicatessen and confectionary. A treat for those with a “sweet tooth” for drawings. Here are Julia’s pictures of the opening.   Photos by Julia Schygulla