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Monthly archive July, 2014

Designers and Farmers

Until May 19, Sparks Design Space is presenting an exhibition of The Designers and Farmers Project. This project brings together of one of the oldest professions in the country, farmers, and one of the youngest professions, product designers. Matís collaborates with the Academy of the Arts on the project. The Designers… Read more

The Graduates 2014 | Berglind Erika Hammerschmidt

Berglind Erika Hammerschmidt is one of the BA-Architecture-Design graduates 2014 of the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. Her project is called The Icelandic dream: The sustainable home and the clients for this project are a married couple around 50 with two grown up daughters.       According to the architect, The… Read more

The Graduates 2014 | Ágúst Skorri Sigurðsson

Ágúst Skorri Sigurðsson is one of the BA-Architecture graduates 2014 of the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. According to the architect, If a young couple gets a chance to build a house, where should the priority be set for it to be their dream house? The house serves as a core… Read more