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Monthly archive November, 2014

The First Icelandic Design Award goes to… Designs from Nowhere!

The first ever Icelandic Design Award ceremony was held yesterday in the Chrystal Hall of the National Theatre of Iceland. And the award goes to – drum roll – Designs from Nowhere! To celebrate, we hereby repost our write-up on the project from earlier this year. Enjoy, and congratulations to… Read more

Blue Lagoon Campaign by Döðlur

Hi all, greetings from the Blue Lagoon! We are working on our strategy here at the Lagoon (not physically in the lagoon though… not yet, at least), and to mark the occasion, we wanted to share this beautiful campaign that Döðlur made for the company. The tagline means ‘Beauty comes… Read more

Farmers Market AW 2014-15

The new AW2014-15 film by Farmers Market radiates nature in all its glory, rural romance and warm Icelandic textures. The Icelandic fashion brand is known for its sustainable approach to design and environmentally friendly, high quality materials, often especially made for the label. The location of the shoot in the… Read more