Hello, Emma here. You’ll be hearing a fair bit from me over the coming days, and I’ll introduce myself proper, very soon! I promise.

I just wanted to grab this wonderfully calm air that surrounds the Icelandic Contemporary Design stand at the moment, a little while before the reception kicks off. I have stepped off stand to quickly bring you my very first impressions of the fair…and Icelandic design. (I’m an outsider with a lot to absorb!)

There is a calm presence here, it’s that familiar feeling when so much has been done, and now the coming days are bewilderingly out of your control and in the hands of someone else. The stand looks great and the crisp green carpet, works perfectly to catch wandering subliminal attention.

The fair is as you would expect, filled with eye candy design pieces, Swedish design types and obligatory beautiful smiles tugging you away from the isles and onto stand. Luckily I have the luxury of been a free spirit here, the excuse to lurk in the margins and hunt out interesting connections, the late night conversations over whiskey and eavesdrop on the gossip in the lunch que.

If there’s anything that you’d like us or me to hunt out, please leave a comment and we’ll try our best to be your eyes and ears here at the fair.

Back soon with that promised into, but now back to stand where things are starting to buzz…