The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts – FORMING Department presents: A Collaboration with the Porcelain Factory KAHLA/Thuringen Porzellan GMBH.

A TRIP TO THE FACTORY at DMY Berlin 1. -5. June 2011.

In the winter of 2010 students from the Forming department at Reykjavík School of Visual Arts went on a two-week trip around Germany. The mission of this journey was to explore and experience the diversity of porcelain and porcelain production. The final destination of this adventurous expedition was the porcelain factory Kahla where the collaboration project started.

The porcelain factory Kahla was founded in 1844 and has been in the vanguard in porcelain production. The future-oriented concepts by in-house designer Barbara Schmidt and other partners received more than 70 international prizes for outstanding product design. In addition to multifunctional programmes for private households, KAHLA offers a wide spectrum of classic and creative hotel porcelain as well as innovative promotional porcelain.

The starting point of the project was porcelain and production, each student started his individual and personal research where tradition, human behavior, nature and history where among the inspiration. Each student developed his own idea of a product made for porcelain production. The projects are as diverse as the students themselves but all take on in some sense the relationship between humans and porcelain.

The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts presents A Trip to the Factory at DMY International Design Festival Berlin 1. -5. June 2011.

DMY Berlin is an international design network for contemporary product design. The central exhibitions and events of the DMY International Design Festival 2011 will take place at former city airport Berlin Tempelhof from June 1. -5. The festival will once again occupy more than 11.000 sqm. New talents as well as professional designers and renowned brands will launch and present new works within the field of product design – be it furniture solutions, interior accessories, lighting, industrial design or multidisciplinary endeavours.

Forming is a two-year full-time 5th level diploma programme according to EQF, which is taught by the Reykavik School of Visual Arts and Reykjavik Technical College. Forming is a test lab that works first and foremost with clay, ceramics and related materials and focuses on their properties, fully exploring their multiple potential uses. New processes are explored using traditional methods as a source of inspiration. Students are given an opportunity to investigate the potential clay has to offer.

Forming is a forum, which highlights both traditional and innovative knowhow, by applying new processes and media to established techniques. It focuses on the creative development of materials, design and the history of industrial design, as well as manual and technical training, and how it relates to the contemporary cultural and business environment, both in Iceland and abroad. The stress is on tapping Iceland’s unique cultural and natural resources in a creative manner. The course is also conceived as a test-lab for Icelandic natural elements and creative ideas about how they can be used.

The collaboration between the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts and Kahla is very important in development in ceramics education in Iceland. It gives the students opportunities to get insight into to quality and production methods on porcelain products. As well as it strengthen the network between the two countries. By participating at DMY International Design Festival Berlin will the students be able to introduce their products and integrate with professionals and fellow students from other countries. An international collaboration and dialogue is a great factor in development and growth in ceramics in Iceland.