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This is a blog about Icelandic design. Here, we want to show you the best of Icelandic design, share information on what is happening within the Icelandic design scene and act as a discussion forum.

The blog was launched during Stockholm Design Week 2011 and is brought how to write a body paragraph for an gre term paper to you by Iceland Design Centre and Aurora Design Fund.

Established in 2008, Iceland Design Centre is a promotion organization that aims to increase appreciation of good design within the Icelandic society and internationally.

Aurora Design Fund aims at reinforcing Icelandic design with the aim of financial support. Established in 2009 by Aurora Foundation, the fund allocates 25 million ISK annually.

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Please remember to credit the photographers if you re-blog our content. You will find photo credits in the end of each blog post/after each image. You are always welcome to contact us to enquire about our photos – just drop a line at sari at icelanddesign.is. This is how we credit our photos, please do the same when you re-blog:


When we know who the photographer or owner of the photo is:
Photo © Glamour, The Concept Boutique

When the photo is provided by someone:
Image Courtesy of Rain Dear

When the photo is provided by someone but we also know the photographer:
Photo © Marinó Thorlacius, Courtesy of Sruli Recht


We also like to credit others that made the photo happen wherever possible:
Model: Emil Þór Guðmundsson, Stylist: Arash Arfazadeh



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