Greipur Gíslason

Greipur Gíslason is the festival director for DesignMarch, Iceland’s most important annual design event.

Over the past 10 years, Gíslason has organized and run several major cultural events in Iceland, including the Ísafjördur-based rock festival Aldrei fór ég suður, RIFF – The Reykjavik International Film Festival, Reykjavik Art Festival as well as Ting, Nordic Art Festival and Tectonics Music Festival. He is also the managing director for Vid Djupid, classical music festival taking place in his home town Ísafjördur.

Gíslason shares snapshots of his everyday life in Reykjavik in the weekly series “Weeks of Winter”.


Favorite time of the year


Favorite place in Iceland


If you could organize one more event, what would it be?









Rán Flygenring

Rán Flygenring graduated as a graphic designer from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2009 and worked at Atelier Atli Hilmarsson before going freelance, mainly working with illustration.

Flygenring brings us the best of Reykjavik in her Typographer’s Guide to Reykjavik, a weekly illustration series leading us to the ATypI conference, held in Reykjavik in September 2011.




Favorite letter/font

In general, I prefer letters to fonts. My favorite letter by far would be ö. Ö has a great shape with a twist (dots), and it makes such a charming sound. R is not bad either and numbers are nice. I don’t find J or G that great.

Favorite colour
Yellow has always been a favorite, that is ochre and mustard yellow, not the baby version. I also like the color of goldfish, and goldfish in general.

A visual identity job you would have wanted to do?
I wish I would have designed the visual identity for Harpa and done it a whole lot differently.