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Join us at ATypI – starting today – for a font of useful tips on web typography!

While an array of typefaces have been made available for web design in recent years, the release of low resolution screens and devices (Iphone, Android phones, Kindle) has multiplied. This raises questions about how these typefaces that are designed for standard computer screens translate to smaller devices with fewer dots and pixels. What font format is optimal for the best cross-platform performance? Which new typefaces are ‘web-safe’, that is, supported by all major browsers on any platform? What’s in store?


ATypI will spotlight some of the concerns and solutions concerning web font formats and their readability and performance across platforms. Check out:


ClearType hinting for webfonts | Michael Duggan

How does hinting enable low resolution screens and devices to display complex, small point-size web fonts? Lead typographer at Microsoft, Michael Duggan, will explain and cover the basics of good hinting processes on Wednesday, September 14 at 14:30.


Typefaces for Android OS | Dawn Shaikh, Pascal Zoghbi, Steve Matteson

What are the challenges of designing user interface fonts and why are their unique fonts to Google’s Android platform. Dawn Shaikh, Pascal Zoghbi and Steve Matteson will give talks on the subject on Thursday, September 15 at 10:30.


Typography for Touch-Screen Devices | Claus Soerensen

How does a touch-screen typography vary from print typography? Has this changed the printing/publishing industry? Learn more as graphic designer and commercial art director Claus Soerensen gives a talk on Thursday, September 15 at 11:00.


You said You want a Revolution | Atilla korap

What set the whole digital type industry in motion in 2009? Why did digital type foundries not turn more energy and resources to developing and providing web fonts and web font services until then? Check out Atilla Korap’s talk on Thursday, September 15 at 15:30.


Web fonts | Daniel Rhatigan

Daniel Rhatigan, a type designer at Monotype Imaging, will discuss the right choice and effective use of fonts in different web settings on Thursday, September 15 at 16:50.



P.s. If this post was baffling, I should point out that Typeface is not a fictional comic book supervillain and enemy of Batman. You were thinking of Twoface.


Author Hafsteinn Aevar Jóhannsson is an architecture student based in Copenhagen, Denmark.