Organized as part of ATypI today, World Scripts Exhibition: Curator’s Talk takes its attendees on a imaginary voyage to South Asia and Arabia.

With this lecture AtypI is drawing our attention to the exotic and ornate fonts of the Indian subcontinent and the Arab world.

Today and tomorrow, the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication of the University of Reading will present exclusive materials from its Non-Latin Type Collection to the audience. The speakers, Dr. Fiona Ross and Ms Alice Savoie of the University of Reading, will illustrate the translation of scripts into type for the production of non-Latin newspapers all around the world.

The focus is thereby on five major scripts: Arabic, Bengali, Devangari (a segmental writing system based on consonants used in India and Nepal), Malayalam (a language and font in southern India) and Telugu (an Indian language, the World’s 13th most-spoken language)

Through the presentation of artefacts the audience will learn the essentials of the design process for the different type founding technologies from the 1930s to the present day.




Author Katharina Hauptmann is a German freelance writer based in Reykjavik.