Aurora Design Fund (which is also one of the kind supporters and collaborators behind this blog – thank you!), allocated
6 000 000 ISK ( EUR 37.655,00) in grants for the local designers last Friday.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the grants go to…


SPARK Design Space, Reykjavik’s prime design gallery that runs an ambitious program of exhibitions (Clever – by supporting the gallery, the fund is in fact supporting a number of designers who will be able to exhibit and sell their work at SPARK).

Fashion designer Sruli Recht, who has paved the way in his men’s collections for the use of local materials such as bird feathers, shark leather, birch and horse skin.

Sóley Stefánsdóttir, who will use design innovation for Gender Equality in her DIG-Equality project,

and graphic designer Steinar Júlíusson, who received the Aurora internship grant for his traineeship at the Acne Productions in Stockholm, Sweden.

Congratulations to all!


The other big news was that the fund will continue its work for the next three years. Friday’s allocation was the last of the three year trial period. The continuance of the fund is fantastic news for the design scene – as managing director Hlín Helga Guðlaugsdóttir says,

It is very important for the designers that the Aurora design fund continues its work. It is the only fund that benefits the design field in Iceland. The need for financial support is great, and it is essential to continue to develop the support environment.


Established in 2009 by the Aurora Foundation, Aurora Design Fund is aimed at reinforcing Icelandic design by providing designers and architects with financial support. It supports designers in promoting themselves, their ideas, products and projects and to assist with product development and marketing both in Iceland and abroad. In its first three years, the fund has pledged a total of 75 million ISK to Icelandic designers and architects.


For more images from the event, take a look here.