Headed to Reykjavik this summer? We asked some of the local designers and architects about their best tips and favorites to the capital city.

Here are graphic designer, illustrator Rán Flygenring’s recommendations to Reykjavik paired with illustrations by our super intern Florian Lohse.


1. Kaffismiðjan

On top of my list would be Kaffismiðjan, (even though listing it probably gives me less chance of finding an free table next time). This I would recommend for those coffee interested, but visitors not into coffee could just skip that part and head straight to Ostabúðin for the best fish lunch in town.


2. Vesturbæjarlaug 

Swimming pool visits are a must in Reykjavík, and Vesturbæjarlaug is my personal top choice. My insider tip is not to head for the safe, warm inside dressing rooms, but try the outside ones.




3-3_natural pool

3. Natural Pool at Seltjarnes Beach

I would also like to recommend the wonderful, small hot tub carved in a rock on the beach at Seltjarnarnes. It is hidden amongst other rocks, but once you find it you will be able to enjoy the most memorable, romantic foot bath with a view.




3-4_RVK at night

4. Reykjavik at Night

For those visiting Reykjavík at wintertime I would recommend to take a walk in or around the city center when it’s dark (that is, anytime). On successful night walks you will be able to see many brightly lit examples of how Reykjavík interiors look like.




3-5_Jogging at sudurgata

5. Jogging at the Sea on Suðurgata 

For runners and joggers, I recommend to run Suðurgata from the city center all the way to the sea. Surprisingly you’ll realize that the mountain called Keilir (Cone) has been placed very accurately at the end of the street’s horizon (however that is explained in English).





6. Don’t go to Skeifan

Last and least, I would advise every guest to avoid the area called Skeifan. It is not good for anything really.


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Illustrations by Florian Lohse