Not that we would party ourselves (Us? No, never!), we just wanted to tell you about a designy drink that the others will be sipping on in the parties during DesignMarch.

Björk and Birkir are made from Icelandic birch, produced by Foss distillery.

The birch liqueur Björk and the birch snaps Birkir are the results of the experiments of sommelier Ólafur Örn Ólafsson and chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason, captain of the Icelandic culinary team. Ólafur Örn and Gunnar Karl founded the restaurant DILL in the Alvar Aalto designed Nordic House in Reykajvík in 2009. In recent years they have experimented with the qualities and possibilities of the Icelandic birch. DILL restaurant is one of the most renowned restaurants in Iceland and one of the leading members of the New Nordic Cuisine movement. Ólafur‘s ambition is to bring the flavour of Icelandic nature to the drinking culture of the Nordic countries. “I wanted to capture the sensation of the bright Icelandic summer night at the moment when the rainshower clears and the morning dew sets on the birch clad hill. I think I came pretty close.”

Björk and Birkir are two of many Icelandic names drawn from birch.

Icelanders use birch remedies for various reasons. Ever since farmer Alexander Bjarnason wrote about the fortifying, purifying and appetizing properties of birch in 1860, Icelanders have continued to praise its many qualities, such as its rejuvenating and invigorating benefits for the skin, hair and even the libido. How about that! Much like the Icelandic people, the birch tree is unique in its ability to adapt to and prosper in rough weather and climates.

For a taste, head over to Concoction party by the product designers on Friday night or Dill, Lava restaurant at the Blue Lagoon, Icelandair Hotels, for example.