Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most popular travel destination. It is an Icelandic institution – and as such, it provides an interesting platform for the local designers. We asked 8 of them with various backgrounds ranging from graphic design to jewelry, ceramics to food design what they would do, if they were given free hands to put their mark on Blue Lagoon.

Here is the first part of the post with some seriously exciting ideas, enjoy!

If you could add something new to Blue Lagoon that you would design, curate or produce, what would it be and how would you do it?

Bjarki Gunnar Halldórsson, architect, editor-in-chief, Arkitektur Magazine, Icelandic magazine on architecture

It could be interesting if it was possible to buy a sketchbook at the Blue Lagoon shop.

Then, after a nice stay in the lagoon, the visitors could go out, one by one find a niche in the lava. There they would have time for themselves to think, write down ideas and do some drawings, instead of rushing to the bus to see Gullfoss and Geysir.

Time and reflection is the best thing we could give to the visitors of the Blue Lagoon and Iceland.

Hafsteinn Juliusson and Karítas Sveinsdóttir, HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson

We think it would be really nice to recreate a sort of literature café inside the lagoon. A spot that we decorate with chair backs, coffee table and light. In the relaxing zone you would have waterproof books and magazines…. with Icelandic design and even well known literature such as Halldór Laxness and whatever. The lagoon lounge could be decorated with waterproof icelandic furniture and alongside to that you could have showcase display that would exhibit pieces of icelandic design in the lagoon.

We think this creates a totally new experience for visitors and is a new way of getting in touch with Icelandic culture. This could also be a special installation for designMarch not unlike what 66North did there for last designMarch.

Steinunn Vala Sigfúsdóttir, jewelry designer, Hring eftir Hring

I believe that there are great opportunities for Icelandic designers and brands, hidden in the extremely popular Blue Lagoon.

My idea is that the lagoon would also become known for it’s support with Icelandic designers, for example by offering patience, time, space, walls, floors, staff, surroundings, gates, hallways… to designers, one exhibitor, team, brand at the time, and a curator would run the program.

I would e.g. love to display my jewellery inside the lockers or on the roof, along with a short fairytale about them, hang a few necklaces around the staff’s neck’s and try with the challenge of having the guests experience somewhere along their way.

Frosti Gnarr, graphic designer, illustrator, Frosti Gnarr Studio

I would love to create a Grotta Zine stand where I would display the latest issues of the zine.

I would make the stand out of drift wood that I have found by the beach of Grótta because the magazine it self is meant to have the feeling of having been found in some remote area untouched by anyone except the artist.

I would finally hand paint at the top of the stand a large black Bayreuth G to signify the logo of the zine. This is the Blue Lagoon Grotta Zine stand.

The second batch of ideas comes in the beginning of next week.
Illustrations courtesy of designers