Hi all,

greetings from the Blue Lagoon!

We are working on our strategy here at the Lagoon (not physically in the lagoon though… not yet, at least), and to mark the occasion, we wanted to share this beautiful campaign that Döðlur made for the company.

The tagline means ‘Beauty comes from within’ , a thought that also fits design and architecture very well. Thereby, we asked a few designers to tell us what the statement means to them, what it brings to mind to them.

We hope you are as inspired by the campaign and the thoughts as we are. Follow our day in the Blue Lagoon in our Instagram, have a good one!


Sveinn Davíðsson, Graphic Designer
The content of a product is ultimately the beauty of it, and the design is mostly just packaging.
Pétur Jónsson, Landscape Architect
Beauty is Originality.
Brynja Emilsdóttir, Textile Designer 
Whatever you are or whatever you are from: We are all the same on the inside.
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Döðlur for Blue Lagoon

Photography by Börkur Sigþórsson
Makeup by Fríða María Harðardóttir
Hair by Tóta Jóhannesdóttir