In the midst of an untainted lava field in Svartsengi, Grindavík hides the Icelandic treasure, the Blue Lagoon Spa. The porous lava around the lagoon was formed in 1226 and has an overwhelmingly powerful feel. Architect Sigríður Sigþórsdóttir established a harmonious relationship between that rough landscape and a soft made-made environment. There is a language in coexistence between modernity and ancient forms that reads as serenity.The language of coexistence is especially visible from exterior renderings of the sunk in nature of the Spa.From the car park, visitors are drawn into a path cut into the lava, as if submerging themselves into the earth and preparing for relaxation.The harsh landscape is softened by natural woods in soft and flowing forms.Natural and built architectural elements coincide and become an extension of one another.Lava continues from the exterior into the saunas.The interior space features natural woods and lava brick.The Lava restaurant is built into a cliff and features a natural lava wall and dark columns. Guests can dine in a space built of lava while looking out onto its remains.