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Björnsbakari by Ydda Architects

Ydda Architects have designed the interiors of the latest branch to the Björnsbakarí bakery, opened in May 2013. The old door handle was found in the storage room. Old stories and photographs of the bakery, opened in 1905, served as inspiration to the interiors. The space is bright  and light with high… Read more

YOUR TEXT HERE by Marcos Zotes

Iceland-based architect Marcos Zotes was one of the four designers to participate in the making of the DesignMarch 2013 identity  (Hvað? you may ask – read more about it all here). He also set up an installation Your Text Here, a participatory, site-specific light installation that transformed peoples voices into citizen proclamations… Read more

Skrúður, Núpur receives the 24th International Carlo Scarpa Prize for gardens 2013

Skrúður is a vegetable garden in Dýrafjörður, a fjord in the north-western part of Iceland, just a few kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Núpur is the name of the mountain looming over the garden. Together, the two receive the Carlo Scarpa Prize for gardens 2013.   Sigtryggur Guðlaugsson, a local… Read more

The Graduates 2013

This year’s graduates of the Icelandic Academy of the Arts (Listaháskóli Íslands) are currently exhibiting in the Reykjavik Art Museum. The extensive exhibition features projects by students from all four design departments of the school, architecture, fashion design, product design and visual communication, as well as final projects by students from the… Read more

Marcos Zotes | Pixel Cloud

The current financial situation has left a landscape of obsolete scaffolding structures scattered across the city; urban scars that remind us of the fragility of our current society. PIXEL CLOUD is an architectural installation that addresses this condition by transforming an ordinary scaffolding structure into a fully immersive environment of… Read more

DesignMarch 2013 Identity | S by Marcos Zotes

This year’s DesignMarch festival identity (by Jónas Valtysson and Ármann Agnarsson) features a real wooden grid that forms the letters “HönnunarMars” (Icelandic for DesignMarch). Designed and built by Valtysson and Agnarsson in collaboration with designer Hlynur Axelsson, the grid, some 475 x 350 x 45 cm in size was then photographed by Marino Thorlacius in several… Read more

Grapevine Design Awards 2013 | Project of the Year

Winners for the 2013 Grapevine Design Awards were announced on Friday last week. For the first time ever, Grapevine awarded best fashion design too, and the award went to… Torg í Biðstöðu! Run by the city, Torg Í Biðstöðu is a programme that makes use of various ‘meanwhile spaces’ in Reykjavík. It invites and… Read more

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina

DesignMarch 2013 is getting closer, and here is a very fine place to stay during the festival: Opened in spring 2012, Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina has quickly become the hottest place to stay in Reykjavik. Designed by Freyr Frostason of THG Architects, the interiors are inspired by the country’s Nordic seafaring culture… Read more

Reykjavik Harbor Path

Hi there, Here is a wonderful project to inspired you this lovely Tuesday morning: Harbor Path by architect Massimo Santanicchia, assisted by Mattia Gambardella and Ragnar Már Nikulásson. It is a rare treat to have an operating fishing harbor right in the centre of the capital, and in recent years, the… Read more

Life in the Vatnsmýri

Last September-November, the Nordic House exhibited Life in the Vatnsmýri. The exhibition tells the story of the diverse life and history of the moorland Vatnsmýri surrounding the building, offering visitors the opportunity to learn more about the interplay between the city and the nature. Did you see it? I did, and was so… Read more