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Christmas Creatures by Hafsteinn Júliusson

In the Icelandic folklore, thirteen Christmas Lads – sons of ogres Grýla and Leppalúði – come to town from the mountains one by one, starting 13 days before Christmas, performing all sorts of mischief. The local Christmas stories also feature the evil Christmas Cat that eats naughty children and the… Read more

Hofsós Swimming Pool by Basalt Arkitektar

Designed by Basalt Arkitektar and completed in 2010, The Hofsós municipal swimming pool is a delicately integrated into the landscape, cutting itself into the site and opening up towards the view of the ocean and the island of drangey. In the Icelandic sagas, outlaw Grettir the Strong took refuge in… Read more

Blue Lagoon 2.0

Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most popular travel destination. It is an Icelandic institution – and as such, it provides an interesting platform for the local designers. We asked 8 of them with various backgrounds ranging from graphic design to jewelry, ceramics to food design what they would do, if they… Read more

Open The Tower by KRADS + The Why Factory

The Icelandic-danish architecture practice KRADS along with The Why Factory, LEGO® and Aalto University bring the workshop Open The Tower to Helsinki Design Week. Starting next week, the workshop will employ elementary Lego bricks – some 200 000 of them! – as a medium in a series of architectural investigations…. Read more

Corrugated Colours of Reykjavik

The houses of downtown Reykjavik keep charming visitors and locals alike with their rich and diverse colours. These diverse coulour schemes take place on the corrugated iron plates that clad the old timber houses, built in the years 1870-1915, in particular. Icelanders started importing corrugated iron from England in 1870…. Read more

Stöðin by KRADS

Stöðin is the service station of choice for the design enthusiasts travelling in Iceland. Designed by the Icelandic-Danish architecture practise KRADS for Shell Iceland, The curved concrete façade of Stöðin hides behind itself a gas station, restaurant, drive-through and a shop. The design is inspired by American diners. According to… Read more

Studio Granda at Louisiana

New Nordic is an extensive exhibition on Nordic architecture and design at Louisiana, Denmark. The Icelandic architects Studio Granda was invited to design a pavilion in the exhibition. The pavilion is made from corrugated iron that is standing on Icelandic lava bed. It is painted blue on the outside and red in… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Helga B Thorvarðardóttir Kjerúlf

The idea of the project was to design a building that was open all year round, either for hikers who travel across the country or the ones who are on mini hiking trips on Reykjanes. The building reminds of a lighthouse and has openings to either the sky or to… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Pylyp Fomyn

Pilgrimage at Reykjanes is the final project by architecture BA graduate Pylyp Fomyn. A place of departure or arrival for people that would undertake a forty-day walk from Reykjanes to the north of the country, it features guest rooms for the pilgrims, dining area and offices for the staff. Location… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Sigurdur Angantysson Hólm

A conversation with the unconscious consists of drawings made over a period of time that were then collectively re-arranged and made into a larger image. That image unifies the various forms, patterns and symbols that were found in these drawings into an organized whole.   The drawing process went on… Read more