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The Graduates 2012 ❘ Arnheiður Ófeigsdóttir

Varða is a resting place for travellers who have undertaken a hike across Iceland, located in Reykjanes.   The design process was focused on the spiritual and physical journey of an individual going through such a long and demanding hike.  Step by step he finds the next cairn of his… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ María Kristín Kristjansdóttir

The Yoga center is the final project by architecture graduate María Kristín Kristjansdóttir. A starting point for the pilgrimage across the country, the yoga center offers yoga facilities for the pilgrims to become better prepared spiritually and physically. The building is located in the middle of the lava, where the… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Jón Valur Jónsson

The final project for the architecture students at Iceland Academy of the Arts is a Tectonic Centre in the Reykjanes peninsula in the South West of Iceland. The Location Geologically speaking, Reykjanes is a unique place on earth to the extent that it shows the plate boundaries between Eurasia and… Read more

The Graduates 2012 ❘ Aron Freyr Leifsson

Himinn og jörð is the final project by architecture graduate Aron Freyr Leifsson. The building is situated near Reykjanesviti on the south-west corner of Reykjanes. Designed as accommodation for people planning on walking across Iceland, it features separate sleeping quarters for the hikers as well as an open area for… Read more

The Mountain Series by Theresa Himmer

  Spot a waterfall plunging down Bankastraeti, lava flowing on Hverfisgata and an icecap on Klappastigur!     Photo © Kristinn Magnusson and Gunnar Þór Nilsen Danish artist and architect Theresa Himmer has spirited the natural wonders of Iceland onto the walls of 101.   Photo © Gunnar Þór Nilsen The Mountain series… Read more

Christmas Calendar 18 | Atli Hilmarsson

What is your favorite Icelandic design? My favorite Icelandic design is my parents’ house, drawn by Ormar Þór Guðmundsson. Modernist design of highest quality. Who would you like to give it to this Christmas? I would like to give this house to my wife. And who should be the next… Read more

Christmas Calendar 17 | Steinþór Kári Kárason

What is your favorite Icelandic design? One of my favorite icelandic design is the Villa-traktor by architect Manfreð Vilhjálmsson. Here we have a beautiful combination of an understanding of the user and his needs and a clear understanding of the material and, with a sharp eye, expressed in a timeless piece…. Read more

Christmas Calendar 16 ❘ Hörður Lárusson

  What is your favorite Icelandic design? It’s cruel to make me pick just one. I have favorites ranging from cards to books, from pillows to houses. But to name one that sits high up that list, I’d have to pick Sverrir Ásgeirsson‘s „Hleðsluskápur“. I saw the prototypes last DesignMarch… Read more

Christmas Calendar 5 I Sigrún Birgisdóttir

What is your favorite Icelandic design? Hverra mamma ert þú, a collaborative art project and book by a poet, conflict specialist, architect and visual artist, introduced at Spark Design Space in November. Who would you like to give it to this Christmas? To my mother. And who will be the… Read more

Open The Tower by KRADS

Open The Tower is a collection of a total of 676 models in scale 1:1000 by the Eurohigh design studio. Led by architect, professor Winy Maas (who visited us in DesignMarch 2011), Alexander Sverdlov and Ania Molenda of The Why Factory in collaboration with KRADS and supported by Lego and… Read more