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DesignMarch 2011

Friday Candy | Tasty DesignMarch!

DesignMarch is upon us, so this week’s candy bag is full of tasty designs from next week’s program – verði ykkur að góðu!* Available at KIOSK, HönnunarMarsipan is colorful liquorice by designers Arna Rút Thórleifsdóttir and Rán Flygenring and produced by candy factory Sambó. Design studio HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson… Read more

DesignMarch 2011 | 2 x Siggi Eggertsson

One of the brightest stars of Icelandic design, Siggi Eggertsson’s original, colourful works have garnished hundreds of design blogs, magazines from Wallpaper and Wired, even t-shirts by H&M. During DesignMarch 2011, get a double shot of Eggertsson at Tjarnarbío: Polyfónía’s Crests is an exhibition of the series of crests designed… Read more