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DesignMarch 2012

DesignMarch 2012 I KRAUM – A Pan And a Lamp

At DesignMarch, Kraum showed 5 new designs of the original Icelandic pancake pan. The original pan is produced since 1950 by the company Málmsteypan Hella, which is also going to produce the new designs. To make things clear, the pan-part is the same as in the old days just the… Read more

DesignMarch 2012 I Or Type at KEX

For more information, take a look here. Thank you Gudmundur!

DesignMarch 2012 I DesignTalks Notes

We asked a few creatives to show us their sketchbooks after the inspiring talks on Thursday. Here is what Hafdis Sunna Hermannsdóttir, PHD fellow at Food+Design at Aalborg University made of it:

DesignMarch 2012 I The Journey by MUNDI

One of the most memorable DesignMarch experiences was the screening of MUNDI‘s S12 collection The Journey, presented at the Raudhólar pseudocraters – stormy, striking, freezing cold and wonderfully exciting! Images by Hulda Síf Ásmundsdóttir, huldasif at gmail dot com

DesignMarch 2012 I Float

This beautiful floating cap by Unnur Valdis Kristjánsdóttir was introduced at Sóley Natura Spa during DesignMarch. “I guess it has to do with having grown up surrounded by water, going to the swimming pools all the time” Kristjánsdóttir said, when asked about the origins and inspirations for the float cap…. Read more

DesignMarch 2012 I 66 North goes Blue Lagoon

Images by Hulda Sif, huldasif at gmail dot com

DesignMarch 2012 | Textasiða

DesignMarch 2012 I Live Project

Live Project is what everybody is talking about. But what is it? It is a real time video & photo blogging website where anyone can upload and share their experience in real time. It will give audiences around the world the chance to witness an event, on the web in… Read more

DesignMarch2012 | DesignTalks

  DesignTalks with Marije Vogelzang, Tuomas Toivonen, Koert van Mensvoort and Hjalti Karlsson.

DesignMarch 2012 | Fókus

The map installation is designed by Omar Svavarsson and Ragna Marteinsdóttir, designers at Fókus, grafisk vinnustofa. The work explores the possibilities as well as diversities in our landscape, following by each piece playing important role in the scene. The map consists of various materials such as timber, paper and aluminum and is… Read more