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DesignMarch 2013

DesignMarch 2013 Opening ceremony

Images by Hulda Sif

DesignMarch 2013 | Vík Prjónsdóttir

Design team Vík Prjónsdóttir presented a new remix of their celebrated Seal Pelt, made by the British-Japanese design ensemble Eley Kishimoto as well as new scarfs and blankets at the Culture House. They were also part of creating the DesignMarch 2013 identity. Here are a few images from the opening… Read more

DesignMarch 2013 | DesignTalks

DesignMarch opened with DesignTalks, a day of lectures at the National Theatre of Iceland. After breakfast, Iceland’s minister of Education, Science and Culture Katrín Jakobsdóttir opened the talks. First up, Inge Druckrey, professor emerita of graphic design spoke about the art of seeing. If you missed the lecture, watch this… Read more

DesignMarch 2013 | Kronkron

With the cheerful and daring collection KRON by KronKron allows everyone feel like being crowned as the most stylish person in Iceland. And it seems we all want to be in that category, as the KronKron store gathered so many people to their party on March 14th. Photos by madarakd.  

DesignMarch 2013 | Framed

The Association of Icelandic Fashion Designers opened a group exhibition on fashion drawings earlier today. Here are a few photographs by our wonderful Hulda Sif, enjoy!           Images by Hulda Sif

DesignMarch 2013 | Something Fishy by Róshildur Jónsdóttir opens at SPARK design space

SPARK design space took a head start to DesignMarch and opened its exhibition Something Fishy on Tuesday. Something Fishy is a model making kit which consists of cleaned bones from fish heads as well as paint. It is a pioneering project by designer Róshildur Jónsdóttir in which she presents fish bones… Read more

DesignMarch 2013 Sneak Peek | Surprises from Reykjavik Letterpress

Something unwanted and long forgotten is taking a new form in the careful hands of Reykjavik Letterpress. Where goes the paper that nobody wanted? Straight to DesignMarch and to you. Sustainable design and suprises comming up from Reykjavík letterpress. Can’t wait!   Images by Madara Liepina

DesignMarch 2013 Sneak Peek | Exhibitions in making

The little details, that goes unnoticed takes a lot of care. Behind every exhibition and event there are many people working and helping out to make the DesignMarch 2013 happen and bring you pleasant surprises and nice time waiting for the upcoming spring.

DesignMarch 2013 Identity | S by Marcos Zotes

This year’s DesignMarch festival identity (by Jónas Valtysson and Ármann Agnarsson) features a real wooden grid that forms the letters “HönnunarMars” (Icelandic for DesignMarch). Designed and built by Valtysson and Agnarsson in collaboration with designer Hlynur Axelsson, the grid, some 475 x 350 x 45 cm in size was then photographed by Marino Thorlacius in several… Read more

DesignMarch 2013 Sneak Peek | Reykjavik Letterpress

The lovely team over at Reykjavik Letterpress opens doors to their studio during DesignMarch. A rare chance to get up, close and personal with their press and the ladies operating it, of course. While waiting for it, take a look at this fantastic ACD*E awarded work by them. A bit of… Read more