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DesignMarch 2015 | Paper Collective


Paper Collective opens a pop-up exhibition at NORR11. Paper Collective is a Danish company creating graphic prints in collaboration with various artists supporting good causes

DesignMarch 2015 | TUTTU


TUTTU jewellery is created from the hooves of Greenlandic reindeer

DesignMarch 2015 | 1+1+1


The Icelandic design team Hugdetta (Róshilur Jónsdóttir and Snæbjörn Þór Stefánsson), Petra Lilja from Sweden and the Finnish design team Aalto+Aalto join forces in a fun way

DesignMarch 2015 | Möskvar

DSC_0485.JPG_effected (1024x683)

The shop Sparkmannsspjarir displays a new light developed from Icelandic herring nets. The light is designed by HAF in collaboration with Icelandic netmakers

DesignMarch 2015 | Entrance to Material

IMG_0209.JPG_effected (1024x768)

Two designers are introduced to a new material, approaching the subject through experimentation and play

DesignMarch 2015 | STAND UP/ STAND OUT

DSC_0417.JPG_effected (1024x683)

Fashion designer Elisabet Karlsdóttir shows her project STAND UP/STAND OUT, supported by Eggert feldskeri (furier)

DesignMarch 2015 | Opposite Type

DSC_0374.JPG_effected (1024x683)

Opposite Type is a collaborative exhibition by five Icelandic designers, one Finnish writer, one Icelandic writer and an American illustrator

DesignMarch 2015 | Designs from nowhere

Hönnunar Mars 2015

The winning project of the Icelandic Design Award

DesignMarch 2015 | Ámundi

Hönnunar Mars 2015

Ámundi Sigurðsson has worked on every kind of project imaginable in visual for mediums graphic designers

DesignMarch 2015 | Un peu plus

Hönnunar Mars 2015

Drawings and sketches by fashion designer Helga Björnson