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DesignMarch 2015 | Happy Skin

Happy skin is a series of drawings Birta Fróðadóttir created for a book of poetry: Happy Skin by Sigurbjörg Þrastadóttir.

DesignMarch 2015 | Infinite String Quartet

The Infinite String Quartet is an interactive music composition. The listener creates his own version of the music through an intuitive graphic interface on the web by looping and layering recordings of an actual string quartet.

Design March 2015 | Reykjavík that didn´t happen

The book Reykjavík that didn´t happen was published in 2014. The illustrations from the book show a compeletely different city from what we know.

Design March 2015 | Persona-memories and the complex self

Laufey Jónsdóttir shows experimental three-dimensional portraits created in mixed media.

Design March 2015 | Þjóðminjasafnið

The Post Office shows stamps featuring jewellery by the designers Ástþór Helgason from Orr, Guðbjörg K. Ingvarsdóttir from Aurum, Helga Ósk Einarsdóttir, Helga R. Mogensen.

Design March 2015 | in Penninn

Penninn Furniture presents Icelandic design mixed with renowned international design.

The very first issue of HA

The first issue of HA magazine is HERE! On March 10th we welcomed the very first issue of Design&Architecture based magazine. We spent an inspiring and relaxing evening in Matur og Drykkur. The event was full of enthusiasm and cheering up to the new member of the Icelandic design community.

Stockfish Film Festival Identity

Einar Guðmundsson together in collaboration with Guillermo Vázquez Bustelo created the identity for Stockfish Film Festival 2015. They created the brand from scratch as the only existing element was the logo. Stockfish European Film Festival in Reykjavík is an international festival that is being held in Bíó Paradís, Reykjavík’s art-house… Read more

Kiss n’Tell | Tinna Gunnarsdottir

Hey, we know what you’ve been up to and we’ve been quiet for a while, but we can’t wait anymore! Kiss n’Tell is a series of sneak peeks that will reveal what you can see in the upcoming festival DesignMarch 2015. The greatest artists, the coolest projects for three days… Read more

Mæna #5 technology

Mæna is a yearly magazine about graphic design in Iceland, published by the department of Design and Architecture – Visual Communication, Iceland Academy of the Arts. Each year has its own theme, and for the 2014 issue Mæna dealt with technology. Designers, academics and students wrote articles on subjects ranging… Read more