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WE LIVE HERE | Three Tea Tower

Brynhildur Pálsdóttir of Vik Prjónsdóttir, Aamu Song and Johan Olin of Company, Katja Pettersson and John Astbury join their drinking powers to serve a tea made from Finnish trees and Icelandic Flora mixed with Swedish ingredients. Each of the designers brought a local ingredient from their country of origin. In… Read more


Design Forum Finland and Iceland Design Centre, the two national design promotion agencies join forces and “move to Stockholm” for Stockholm Design Week. The pilot project WE LIVE HERE explores new, collaborative ways to promote Nordic design on international venues. After meeting regularly – “dating” – for the past few… Read more

Farmers Market AW 2014-15

The new AW2014-15 film by Farmers Market radiates nature in all its glory, rural romance and warm Icelandic textures. The Icelandic fashion brand is known for its sustainable approach to design and environmentally friendly, high quality materials, often especially made for the label. The location of the shoot in the… Read more

Friday Candy | OPUS / YOU AGAIN

Performance artist Kitty Von-Sometime, also known for The Weird Girl’s Project collaborates with Icelandic band Árstíðir in her latest art film; “Opus/You Again”.  Kitty portrays a lovesick valentine in here most personal and powerful piece yet, it is above all a heartfelt message to her wife. Filmed on the glacier, Langjökull, the film features… Read more

Grýtan Creative Collective

Grýtan is a new studio and a creative collective of 20 artists, designers, musicians, photographers and other makers, who opened their studio doors for our wonderful intern Marta. Previously a run-down Laundromat, Ingó Egils, product designer and creator of Nogi, moved to the space a few years ago. Since expanding the space in… Read more

Reykjavik Outpost

Reykjavik Outpost is a brand new Icelandic design store that recently opened in Los Angeles. With shelves full of Icelandic design ranging from high-end fashion to interior design, quirky scarves and statement jewelry, Reykjavik Outpost brings Icelandic design across the Northern seas all the way to the sunny L.A. Reykjavik Outpost… Read more

The Graduates 2014 | Ragna Bjarnadóttir

Ragna Bjarnadóttir is a recent BA graduate in fashion design from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. Her final project is called Monolith – Architecturing a new modernity. The collection is inspired by the way women will dress in the future. I thought of a muse, an almost alien-like woman, who controls… Read more

The Graduates 2014 | Svava Magdalena Arna

Svava Magdalena Arna is a recent BA graduate in fashion design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts.   Her final collection is inspired by a Brazilian wife and a mother in her 30s, who works secretly as a Mafia leader. She is an esthete and leader who has her dark… Read more

Farmers Market at RFF 2014

Here is a little treat for you – the catwalk show by Farmers Market from this year’s Reykjavik Fashion Festival, organized as part of DesignMarch. Enjoy!

DesignMarch 2014 | Cintamani

The Icelandic outdoors label Cintamani offers functional clothes with a fashionable take. The outdoor collection for women, men, children and babies includes pieces especially tailored for the challenging climate conditions of Iceland. Cintamani introduced the collection at Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2014.   For years, Cintamani has fused technical outerwear and… Read more