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Design Forum Finland and Iceland Design Centre, the two national design promotion agencies join forces and “move to Stockholm” for Stockholm Design Week. The pilot project WE LIVE HERE explores new, collaborative ways to promote Nordic design on international venues. After meeting regularly – “dating” – for the past few… Read more

Process Interviews 001 | Rán Flygenring

On Process 01. Interview by Hannah Lee In the attempt to dissect its inner workings, we are starting a new series of posts on the process and the act of making design, the first up is Rán Flygenring. Rán Flygenring is an Icelandic/Norwegian illustrator, currently based in Oslo, Norway. Once… Read more

L10 by GUNMAD | Sundance Film Festival 2015

Hi there, how are you all? Awesome news from the Icelandic graphic design scene: The typeface L10 by GUNMAD, a graphic design studio consisting of Guðmundur Ingi Úlfarsson and Mads Freund Brunse is an essential part of the new identity for the Sundance Film Festival  2015 Identity. The typeface L10… Read more

Torg í biðstöðu | Vitatorg

Happy Monday! It may be cold outside, but we are taking another look back at this summer’s Torg í Biðstöðu project. During the summer, Vitatorg was transformed into a vibrant square filled with exciting events, such as Culture Night, Gay Pride, Pop-up Yoga and Restaurant Day, organized by graphic designer Krista Hall… Read more

Rán Flygenring and Elisa Vendramin | Sagra Dei Osei Festival Identity

The Sagra dei Osei (Festival of the birds) is one of the oldest festivals in Italy. Celebrated since 1274, this year, the visual identity was created by the Italian designer-illustrator Elisa Vendramin along with illustrations by Icelandic illustrator Rán Flygenring. The festival takes place every year in Sacile. It is a market… Read more

Grýtan Creative Collective

Grýtan is a new studio and a creative collective of 20 artists, designers, musicians, photographers and other makers, who opened their studio doors for our wonderful intern Marta. Previously a run-down Laundromat, Ingó Egils, product designer and creator of Nogi, moved to the space a few years ago. Since expanding the space in… Read more

My Little Reykjavik

Hi all, happy Culture Night! Celebrated to mark the birthday of our beloved, 228-year-old capital, the Culture Night features a wide array of program ranging from design to music to dance to food (for a list of design-related events, see here).   To mark the occasion, we wanted to share… Read more

The Graduates 2014 | Jón Páll Halldórsson

Jón Páll Halldórsson  is a recent BA graduate in Visual Communication from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. His project Up to no Good is a collective of ten artists that specialize in designing and producing limited edition hand printed goods. According to the designer, We do not focus on the individual… Read more

The Graduates 2014 | Margrét Guðmundsdóttir

Margrét Guðmundsdóttir is recent BA graduate in Visual Communication. Her final project is called Watchful Eyes. According to the designer, The eyes play a pivotal role in a person‘s life. They lead us forward, acting as security cameras, always on the lookout; a mystical window to the soul. Eyes are sensitive and… Read more

The Graduates 2014 | Gabriel Benedikt Bachmann

Gabriel Benedikt Bachmann is a recent BA graduate in visual communication from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. His graduation project consists of three title sequences for fictional film adaptations based on the classic fairy tales The Nightingale, The Princess and the Pea and The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen. According… Read more