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Graphic Design

The Graduates 2014 | Júlíus Valdimarsson

Júlíus Valdimarsson  is a recent BA graduate in visual communication from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. His final project Landvætturinn is a graphic novel and a story about an Icelandic boy named Atli, who is chosen to fight for justice and protect the land. Conceived as an introduction to comic book… Read more

The Graduates 2014 | Ingi Kristján Sigurmarsson

Ingi Kristján Sigurmarsson  is a recent BA graduate in visual communication from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. His final project Grandalandi is a visual identity for a traditional Icelandic alcohol.  Landi is an integral part of Icelandic drinking culture but simultaneously frowned upon by the public. One can find home brewed and… Read more

The Graduates 2014|Krista Sigríður Hall

Krista Sigríður Hall is a BA graduate in visual communication from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Her final project is Dekstruma Kerno,  a utopian world of symbolic islands made from semiology, alchemy, magical herbs and amulets. Each island functions as a reminder of different positive values in our daily lives. For… Read more

The Graduates 2014 | Elsa Jónsdóttir

Elsa Jónsdóttir is a recent BA graduate in visual communication from Iceland Academy of the Arts. Her final project is a new typeface called  Columnar. According to the designer, The typeface Columnar is a meeting point of classical typographic forms and forms from a landmark of Reykjavík, Hallgrímskirkja church. The church is… Read more

Reykjavík Art Festival 2014

Reykjavík Art Festival begins on May 22, and while counting the days to it, we took a closer look at the visual identity. The original logo was designed in 1970 by Kristín Þorkelsdóttir. You can see it on the very first Artfest catalog below. In 2004, it got a slight facelift,… Read more

ION Hotel

ION is a new hotel located less than an hour’s drive from Reykjavik, set against a backdrop of mountainous lava fields, next door from the Nesjavellir geothermal area. All of the 45 rooms have a view across infinite lava fields towards Thingvellir National Park. In addition to the interesting design,… Read more

DesignMarch 2014 | Mengi

During DesignMarch 2014, team Volki previewed their indoor/outdoor furniture line, designed with the recognisable form of the “viti” (lighthouse) in mind. You can also buy Volki‘s products at Mengi, a newly opened shop, exhibition space and event venue all rolled into one.

DesignMarch 2014 | The Women Present… !

During DesignMarch 2014 the Association of Business Women in Iceland presented products and works by their members related to design and architecture. 23 women displayed everything from gin and clothing to window screens and environmentally friendly architecture. The event took place in the Nordic House, here are some of the… Read more

DesignMarch 2014 | Raise a Flag

During DesignMarch 2014, Hrím held the exhibition – Raise a Flag, where suggestions for the new Icelandic flag were sketched and displayed at gallery Þoka. Almost a century after the king of Denmark approved the current Icelandic flag, Hörður Lárusson, the self appointed chairman of an unofficial flag committee, together… Read more

Happy Easter!

The Iceland Design Centre wishes you Happy Easter and a cool egg hunt. Gleðilega Páska! Illustration by Julia Schygulla