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Industrial Design

DesignMarch 2013 | Design in Dialogue

Design in Dialogue, a group exhibition at the Culture House curated by Katarina Siltavuori of WDC Helsinki 2012 brought  designers from different backgrounds together in interdisciplinary collaborations. Among participants are Hver design, 7 factory design, ERUM, Guðný Hafsteinsdóttir, Sif Ægisdóttir, Rúna Thors and Ragnheiður I. Ágústsdóttir.          … Read more

DesignMarch 2013 Sneak Peek | Netagerdin

Netagerdin organizes a carnival for this year’s DesignMarch 2013. There are still a few days to go before the fun starts – while waiting, take a look at what they were up to last year. Netagerðin work&shop is a group of three design firms, (BBolla, Stáss, Volki) and the independent… Read more

13Al+ at Stockholm Design Week 2013

13Al+ gave the first preview to a work-in-progress collection of items made from aluminium by five Icelandic designers, Sigga Heimis, Thóra Birna, Snaebjörn Stéfansson, Gardar Eyjólfsson and Katrin Olina during Stockholm Design Week. If you missed it, don’t worry – the project travels to Reykjavik for DesignMarch 14-17.3.2013 next! A… Read more

A. Gudmundsson, Bryndis Bolladóttir and Volki at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2013

Three Icelandic companies, A. Gudmunsson, Bryndis Bolladóttir and Volki exhibited new items at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2013. All three companies design and produce all their items in Iceland from local raw materials. Here are a few tasters:       A. Gudmundsson is a furniture production company established in 1956…. Read more

Hydro Morphosis by Gardar Eyjolfsson

Hydro Morphosis by Gardar Eyjolfsson is a bridge concept, consisting of a self-generated system located in the middle of nowhere in Icelandic nature. A  hydro turbine generates electricity from running water. It powers a heat-pump mechanism, which sucks all the heat out of the aluminum structure of the bridge, resulting in… Read more

Icelandic design at Stockholm Design Week I Lighthouse

  Lighthouse is an Icelandic company that designs and manufactures lights.       The two owners and founders of the company, Eírikur G. Helgason and Kristján Kristjánsson, have been manufacturing lights since 2001 under the name LUX, but it was not until 2009 that they started to work with… Read more

LECTURE ❘ Krishan Patroo: From Design To Manufacture in China

Got no lunch plans for tomorrow? In the University of Iceland, journalist Krishan Patroo of the Chinese design magazine Casa International will be sheading light on the history and current situation within design and architecture in China, as well as giving pointers upon entering the Chinese market and working with… Read more

DesignMarch 2011 | Aluminum in the spotlight at Epal

I was excited to hear Epal has been encouraging Icelandic designers to use aluminum for their designs and determined to go and see the outcome that is being exhibited in the Epal store, Skeifunni 6, during DesignMarch. To say the least, I was not disappointed! The products are fun, practical… Read more