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HA, the new magazine on Icelandic design and architecture

Madames et monsieurs, drum roll, please! May we present HA, our new magazine on Icelandic design and architecture, published by yours truly. The biannual magazine, published both in Icelandic and English, brings together articles and columns by leading experts and professionals, foreign and domestic, with analysis, overviews and updates. HA aims to brings… Read more

WE LIVE HERE | Housewarming Party

​​In case you haven’t heard our Icelandic designers got new roomies from Finland during Stockholm Design Week 2015! To celebrate our moving in together, we threw a party and invited all our friends to see our new home. See more at WE LIVE HERE Images by Milis Smith

WE LIVE HERE | Nordic Design Lunch

Lunch to discuss practical level Nordic design co-operation. The curators of WE LIVE HERE, Marika Tesolin, Elina Aalto and Hlin Helga Guðlaugsdóttir will speak about the project, and the discussion on the future prospects of collaboration will be moderated by Ewa Kumlin, managing director of Svensk Form. See more at… Read more

WE LIVE HERE | Japanese Wazuka-Cha Tea Party

Svensk Form hosts an exclusive Japanese Tea ceremony, as well as an exhibition with Kutani-yaki ceramics in the presence of the Japanese ceramicists. There will also be a presentation of calligraphy, Japanese music and Sake! See more at WE LIVE HERE Images by Milis Smith

Did a Volcano just erupt on your Couch? Q&A with Nelly Ben Hayoun

Nelly Ben Hayoun designs experiences that ‘enable you to become an astronaut in a living room, while a volcano is erupting on the couch’. If that’s not enough to catch your attention, she is also the founding Director of the International Space Orchestra in NASA Ames Research Center, Designer of… Read more

Nordic Design Lunch #3 Illustrations

Remember the Nordic Design Lunch we shared with you a few days ago? The event we held on the light ship Vinga together with our wonderful partners over at Design Forum Finland? Here are the live illustrations from the lunch, cooked up by the super talented Finnish illustrator Eili-Kaija Kuusniemi…. Read more

Nordic Design Lunch #3 at Helsinki Design Week 2014

We are so happy to share the third Nordic Design Lunch with you! (If you are not familiar with the concept, take a look here and here for the previous editions of the project). This time around, we met in Helsinki during the 10th anniversary edition of Helsinki Design Week…. Read more

You Are in Control 2013

You Are in Control was held in Bio Paradis for the sixth time this year, and we had a fantastic time! Thank you, takk, kiitos for everybody that spoke, cooked, listened, partook in our Restaurant Day workshop or in otherwise participated. Here are a few images from the event.  … Read more