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HA, the new magazine on Icelandic design and architecture


Madames et monsieurs, drum roll, please! May we present HA, our new magazine on Icelandic design and architecture, published by yours truly. The biannual magazine, published both in Icelandic and English, brings together articles and columns by leading experts and professionals, foreign and domestic, with analysis, overviews and updates. HA aims to brings… Read more

The Graduates | Corto Jabali

Björk gunnbjörnsdottir

Corto Jabali is a recent product design BA graduate from theIceland Academy of the Arts. His final project is Gazabrick, an attempt to work around present embargos on importing building materials into Gaza by experimenting with a building material that can be produced locally. A 3rd generation Palestinian, Jabali may be disassociated with… Read more

The Graduates | Elisabet Kristin Oddsdottir


Elisabet Kristin Oddsdóttir is a recent graduate from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Her final project Hybrid Shell transforms removed hair i into a new material that can be used as protection for the body. Thereby the hair obtains it’s protective role again in the new manufactured form. When worn… Read more

The Graduates | Auður Inez Sellgren

_DSC0787 (1)

Auður Inez Sellgren is a recent BA graduate from the product design programme by the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Her final project is Hið íslenzka epli  (Icelandic for ‘the Icelandic apple’). Half of the world’s apples are produced in China, and most of this production is transported over great distances. Sellgren’s… Read more

The Graduates | Elsa Dagný Ásgeirsdóttir


Elsa Dagný Ásgeirsdóttir is a recent graduate from the product design department at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Her final project is Fragments – Translation from a tooth to a pearl. Ásgeirsdóttir wanted to find a design ­process to make a family collection of teeth more accessible and visible. As… Read more

The Graduates | Harpa Hrund Pálsdóttir


Harpa Hrund Pálsdóttir is a recent product design BA graduate from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Her final project is Rusted Heritage, a series of crochet objects eroded by the sea. Raufarhöfn is a desolate fishing village in the North East of Iceland. With time the once vibrant village has… Read more

The Graduates | Sigrún Thorlacius


Sigrún Thorlacius is a recent graduate of the product design programme, Iceland Academy of the Arts. Her final project is Healing Earth. The project explores the use of fungi in converting contaminated, toxic land into viable ecosystems. According to Thorlacius, There are species in the fungus kingdom that in unison… Read more

Kiss n’Tell | Kjartan Óskarsson

Captura de tela 2015-02-21 às 17.12.54

Hey, we know what you’ve been up to and we’ve been quiet for a while, but we can’t wait anymore! Kiss n’Tell is a series of sneak peeks that will reveal what you can see in the upcoming festival DesignMarch 2015. The greatest artists, the coolest projects for three days… Read more

SLOWTREAT – ask yourself


Unique to Iceland, the askur, or wooden bowl with a hinged lid, was the traditional serving utensil. The soup or porridge was put in the bowl, and the bread or meat was placed on the open lid. Each person had his or her own askur, which was made from driftwood… Read more

SPARK|DESIGN SPACE at Berlin Felleshus

From January 30th to April 10th 2015, Berlin can boast hosting yet another groundbreaking culture project. In collaboration with the Iceland Design Center, Reykjavik’s renowned design gallery SPARK I DESIGN SPACE and the Icelandic embassy proudly present „SPARK“, an exhibition showcasing cutting edge contemporary design from Iceland at the Berlin… Read more