For this Friday, we wanted to bring you a wonderfully – and literally – sweet project by designer Brynhildur Pálsdóttir (whose better known works as part of Vík Prjónsdóttir that we covered here and here).


Pálsdóttir developed a series of iconic Icelandic mountains in collaboration with chocolatier Hafliði Ragnarsson in 2005 as a  graduation project from the Design Lab department at Gerrit Rietveld Academy. After graduation, Pálsdóttir returned home to Iceland and continued to develop the mountains. For the package design, she collaborated with graphic designer Rósa Hrund Kristjánsdóttir.

The mountains have been in production since 2007. They are hand casted in highest quality chocolate in Hafliði’s chocolate workshop. Don’t they just make your mouth water?


The Drangar cliffs (located on the south coast by the town of Vík) are made from dark chocolate filled with macademia chocolate and sugar roasted cacao beans.

Pálsdóttir reimagined the Eldborg volcanic crater (located in the Snaefelsnes peninsula) in milk chocolate, almonds and nut biscuit, with floating caramel magma in its crater.



Jökull (Icelandic for glacier) is a dark chocolate mountain with chocolate coconut filling and red caramel magma covered by a milk chocolate “ice cap”.

The white chocolate coated Stapi is filled with pistachios and pistachio creme.

What a wonderful way to use food as a material – especially on an island with a scarce nature and limited raw materials at hand.

Due their beautiful gift wrapping, small size and direct connection to the Icelandic nature, they make for the perfect souvenirs.

That is, if you can manage to keep from eating them yourself, as they are absolutely delicious. And on that note, after posting this, we might just pop by the candy store…

Images courtesy of Brynhildur Pálsdóttir
Photographer Vigfús Birgisson