Hello everyone, having a cosy Sunday? Today’s Christmas Calendar will make your day!

Sigríður Rún wrote this hauntingly beautiful letter to Santa asking for a Krafla lightshade by Jón Helgi & Þórleifur Gíslason.


Amazing, isn’t it?

Inspired by Karfla, the volcanic like features in the Nort East of Iceland, these lightshades are featured on the Selected by Bility platform for young and talented designers. See more about the designers work on our blog.



Every day up until the 24th, we ask our friends – designers, curators, architects and other wonderful folks – to answer the question:

“Which Icelandic designer/architect would you like to give you a present, and what would it be?”

The chosen designer/architect will then be the next one to answer.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when we will reveal Jón & þórleifur’s wish!


Image courtesy of Sigríður Rún

Photography by Axel Sigurðarson