Hello all, happy Monday! Our designers to partake in our Christmas Calendar are  Jón Helgi & Þórleifur Gíslason, selected by Sigríður Rún.

They are wishing for none other than the Icelandic Design Award trophy by Björn LokiElsa Jónsdóttir and Kristin Maria. And to play it safe, they are calling dibs on the trio’s next design, too.


The trophy was designed for this years first ever Icelandic Design Award. Graphic designers Björn and Elsa designed the award identity and trophy in collaboration with experience designer Krístin María Sigþórsdóttir. See more about the designers work on our blog. Here below are a few tasters:

10317572_1556816594534326_330621231781989564_o Icelandicdesignawards5210659120_1556835201199132_296883692273593213_o

Every day up until the 24th, we ask our friends – designers, curators, architects and other wonderful folks – to answer the question:

“Which Icelandic designer/architect would you like to give you a present, and what would it be?”

The chosen designer/architect will then be the next one to answer.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when we will reveal Björn & Elsa’s wish!


Image courtesy of Jón Helgi, Þórleifur & Börkur Sigþórsson