Hi everybody, are you enjoying the storm from inside?

Todays Christmas Calendar wish is by graphic designers Björn Loki & Elsa Jónsdóttir, selected by Jón Helgi & Þórleifur Gíslason.

They want nothing more than a comic book by graphic designer, Eysteinn Þórðarson.

Eysteinn studies Graphic Design in Iceland Academy of the Arts and already has a wide portfolio of digital artworks, see more here.

magiccc 44 Fixed

Every day up until the 24th, we ask our friends – designers, curators, architects and other wonderful folks – to answer the question:

“Which Icelandic designer/architect would you like to give you a present, and what would it be?”

The chosen designer/architect will then be the next one to answer.

Tune in again tomorrow, when we will reveal Eysteinn’s wish!


Image courtesy of Björn Loki, Elsa Jónsdóttir & Eysteinn Þórðarson