Every day up until the 24th, we will ask one of our international friends – journalists, designers, curators and other wonderful folks – to select something that relates to Iceland and/or Icelandic design and architecture, and to tell us, who they would like to give it to. Today, we called up Svava at IDEO.


 The perfect gift sits at the intersection of good functionality, beautiful aesthetics, and a memorable experience. This is why for the Christmas Calendar I would choose to give 5xpancake pan to everyone who has been well behaved. I love that this beautiful little pan in rooted in tradition spanning generations and only gets better with time.

 Also on these dark days, I would love to give the gift of inspiration to anyone wanting to find their creative confidence by having them spend time in Iceland. Specifically, I would give Paul Bennett the chance to finally see the northern lights for which he has hunted several years, and for which he is making a return trip to Iceland yet again this winter.

Lastly, for our friends at the Design Centre, massages and relaxation at the Blue Lagoon for all the hard work they do!

Svava is an Icelandic born designer and engineer working at IDEO in San Francisco.

Images courtsey of  Mira Mykkänen and VA Arkitektar.