Every day up until the 24th, we will ask one of our international friends – journalists, designers, curators and other wonderful folks – to select something that relates to Iceland and/or Icelandic design and architecture, and to tell us, who they would like to give it to.

Over to Birgitta Ramdell from Malmö, Sweden:


We had the priviledge to get to know Brynhildur Pálsdottir this year during her stay in Malmö. She inspired us with her creativity, her generous, positive and brilliant personality and we felt lucky to take part in her processes and work.

Now we miss her badly (and feel a bit selfish) for that reason we want to give her an Icelandair ticket back to us. We loved to have a piece of Iceland with us in our everyday life. Welcome back Brynhildur, any day!


Birgitta Ramdell is the director of Form Design Center, a a meeting place for ideas in design and architecture located in Malmö, Sweden. From Design Center runs an impressive program of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and seminars. Form Design Center is currently exhibiting Shop Show that we look forward to having in Iceland, soon, too.