Every day up until the 24th, we will ask one of our international friends – journalists, designers, curators and other wonderful folks – to select something that relates to Iceland and/or Icelandic design and architecture, and to tell us, who they would like to give it to. Today, we’ll hear Finnish journalist Jenni Juurinen‘s pick:

I’m a fan of Icelandic music and especially Sigur Rós. I recently saw them play here in Helsinki. Their music captures the same magical feeling that is present in Iceland’s landscape and nature. Heima documentary from 2006 is one of the best music documentaries that I have ever seen. I would give it to my husband who is a big music lover and hasn’t been to Iceland. The documentary describes the country better than many words.


 To my children and myself I would give a fish bone model making set by Róshildur Jónsdottir. I saw it in Design March 2012 and have remembered it ever since. It is made out of eco-friendly, sterilized fish bone leftover from Icelandic fishing industry. What a great usage of local materials and totally crazy but fascinating!


Jenni is an editor and stylist at Scandinavian Deko (that has an Icelandic home – my home, to be exact, ehhm –  in the cover of the December issue of the print magazine, by the way). She also runs her popular blog Little Helsinki. She visited us for DesignMarch 2012, we look forward to having her back soon!

Images courtesy of Hugdetta