Every day up until the 24th, we will ask one of our international friends – journalists, designers, curators and other wonderful folks – to select something that relates to Iceland and/or Icelandic design and architecture, and to tell us, who they would like to give it to. For today, we called up Dag Holmgren from Sweden.

I want to give the Icelandic Aluminium to all of my design colleagues around the world, partly because the Icelandic Aluminium is the most environmentally friendly in the world, and partly because aluminium is an amazing material!





Dag was one of the project managers for 13Al+ alongside Gardar Eyjólfsson, a pan-Nordic, cross-disciplinary project that brought together Icelandic designers and Swedish aluminium manufacturing companies to study the possibilities of aluminium produced in Iceland. It was launched in 2012 and ended with a conference in Reykjavik earlier this fall.