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Icelandic jewelry design is on the rise (take a look at From the Coolest Corner and Water and Earth, for example). I wanted to share an absolutely beautiful example of using local culture and materials in a new, interesting, original way.

Designer Jóhanna Methusalemsdóttir started working with fish bones in her Cod Collection, launched in DesignMarch 2012.

These images are from her second Cod Collection.

– It is a continuing study of the fish that has sustained Icelandic culture for centuries. The collection focuses on extracting details to imagine objects of ritualization, Methusalemsdóttir says.

Cod II comes in brass and beading. All the silver is oxidized completely black.


Working with fish bones demands a particular process:

First, the bones are cleaned and boiled, then spray-painted to close the pores for the casting process. Since bones are porous, the silicon can seep into them and ruin the shapes.

After the first round of castings, Methusalemsdóttir makes the final decisions as per how to wear the items and makes second rubber and silicon molds to begin casting in the desired metals.
Finally, the pieces are polished and finished with beading and treating.


Methúsalemsdóttir was born in Reykjavik, Iceland and sailed alone to New York as a teenager in 1988. Having lived in the US since, she has developed an aesthetic rooted in her heritage and nurtured by her experiences in the Big Apple.



She founded Kria in 2007. The inspiration for the original collection was a skeleton of an arctic tern, Kria in Icelandic, discovered on a black lava beach in the East of her native Iceland just before the birth of her second daughter.

Kria has since been nominated for The Cultural Award in Iceland, exhibited in the Nordic Fashion Biennale in Seattle, published in revered fashion press including Elle, Visionaire, Purple, and Another Magazine, worn by musician Beth Orton in appearances supporting her most recent release in 2012, and featured in the Autumn/Winter 2012 Mara Hoffman campaign as well as in Helmut Lang stores in New York and London beginning December 2012.




Images Courtesy of Kría Jewelry

Photographer Elisabet Davids