When you talk about design with strangers, you never know quite what you’re getting into. At a design fair it’s pretty certain that they will at least have an opinion on design, but this is the perfect place to see polar opposite viewpoints of what design is and should be.

To kick us off is Cecilia Dreyfrt, a recent masters graduate who calls herself an object designer an was nice to enough to patiently chat with me on the sidelines whilst I was uploading footage.

play design is puke video

Her viewpoint is honest and there appears to be a common thread in her thought with other visitors; that designers are less and less bound under a specialism as easily defined as fashion or furniture design. This is not to say that these things specialisms don’t still exist, only that it feels like the generalists and the marginals are growing into something new. Perhaps this comes with cultural development in design. Perhaps it’s external too, as people are seemingly no longer looking for that one thing, but a plethora of creative solutions – a crafts-person who can weave together all the freyed ends of society, with grace and ingenuity. It sounds a bit dreamy I know, and we’re probably a long way from whatever this ‘thing’ is, but the more sharing that we do, the sooner we’ll see what is emerging.

(apologies for the background sound quality, our cannon 550D is a bit overzealous picking up audio!)