DesignMarch : Glamour goes to Epal

This morning we drove out to Epal to see what was on offer at their showcase. It was great to have the chance to see design by more than 40 Icelandic designers up close. Everything is amazing, so here are just a few of our favorites.

I had a chance to talk to the lovely Anna Gunnarsdottir who was hanging out by her whimsical Fairy light. The bud-like lampshades are made with wool stiffened with textile glue, light and durable, illuminated by a bare bulb at the centre, which can be either sat on a tabletop, or easily fixed to the wall at every angle, concentrating light for reading, or upwards to fan across a wall
she makes lots of lamps.
She told me that she has created a massive version of the fairy lights for international Sculpture by the Sea festivals, which are displayed outdoors, and is waterproofed with glue.

Image © Glamour The Concept Boutique

These reproductions of Dieter Roth wooden farm animal toys were an obvious crowd favorite, I saw more than one little boy that couldn’t keep his hands off them.
The story behind the toys is the stuff of screenplays;
A german artist falls in love with the raw natural beauty of Iceland, and keeps returning to the country where he works with Icelandic craftspeople to make graphic, jewelry, ceramics, theatre set, landscape design,and furniture design. He loved experimenting with materials.
Cut to 2010, the artist has passed in 1999, and Eyjólfur Pálsson, the proprieter of Epal is a character very important for the commercial side of Icelandic design. He engages Hylnur Halldorsson from Miðhús to reproduce a numbered limited edition of the wooden animals. There are 120 of each animal, each one is enchanting. A child touches one with outstretched fingertips, credits roll.

Image © Glamour The Concept Boutique

Karna worked with Eyjólfur last year, whose is project makes a pathway for Icelandic designers to get their prototypes made with local materials and industry resources. He is so supportive of young designers, and his passion for connecting designers and producers resulted in innovative uses of aluminum this year. I was told that last year the focus was on wood.

I also had the pleasure of meeting two very happy and proud Designers from Denmark, Cezelia Martinique and Thórdis Ósk Helgadóttir who were showing a prototype for their hallway furniture. They are sure they have hit a niche, and I think they might be right. Their designs are versatile, light, and practical, it’s just good design. Keep an eye out for them!

Image © Glamour The Concept Boutique

The prolific Hrafnkell Birgisson showed tea cup cocktail glasses and vases rimmed with saucers, which reminded me of a culture trend that was booming when I left New Zealand, in which a certain crowd is going crazy over eating cupcakes in nightclubs while sipping slippery nipples out of teacups.

We were so impressed to see the enthusiasm with which new faces are out there promoting their work this week, Makes for an incredible atmosphere. You can taste the energy in the air.

Finally, Karna’s friend the lovely and talented graphic designer Tóta, who works as Kúper Blakk… she can’t wait to see the printing press this afternoon, bobbing on the soles of her feet in anticipatory glee. “Im like a little child” she said, and she was.

Epal hours:
Saturday 11til 4
Sunday 12 til 4

– Sahra

Image © Glamour The Concept Boutique

Mosi coin box by Signy Kolbeinsdóttir by Tulipop for MP Banki